After I meet folks, they usually  wish to inform me about their charts, and  proclaim, “I’ve an exalted Mars or exalted Venus.”   Usually occasions it is vitally constructive however there are such a lot of qualifying components and  a little bit information is at all times harmful.  There are various modifications that occur that may affect the facility of the planets to carry out and these ought to be understood.  As at all times, an expert astrologer ought to be consulted to dissect what is going on.

What most individuals fail to have a look at is overlook to investigate the dispositor of an exalted planet and these dispositors may be:

  1. The place the lord of the signal is positioned.
  2. What the nakshatras is doing and the place its lord is positioned.
  3. What is going on within the Navamsha or D-9 chart. Exalted planet can be spoiled in 3rd, 6th, 8th or 12th home within the D-9 or if debilitated within the D-9 chart.

If the lord of the exalted signal isn’t well-placed, it might probably spoil the fruits of the exalted planet. So in case you are a lady and have an exalted Solar within the 7th,  it’s possible you’ll marry a rich man of excessive stature but when Mars, the ruler of Aries is in Most cancers within the 12th home, the your husband could also be sick and die early.  Therefore an exalted planet may be ruined by different influences. The dispositor will present whether or not the total fruition will come.

So to have the total fruits of an exalted planet,

  1. the planet shouldn’t be stricken or debilitated within the D-9 or D-60 chart.
  2. the despositor of planet shouldn’t be stricken or debilitated so if the Solar is exalted and Mars is debilitated in Most cancers or debilitated within the D-9 or aspected by Saturn than the purity of the exaltation is ruined.
  3. Exalted planets ought to be well-placed from the Arudha lagna (the notion lagna)  to deliver full manifested values of the planet. That might imply you need benefics in kendras and trines from the Arudha lagna and never malefics.

Word because of this now we have to take a microscopic orientation towards studying charts. They’re like studying strands of DNA with distinctive karma to manifest.  Aspect notice:

Take for instance a Capricorn chart with Saturn exalted in Libra.  You would possibly factor that the individual may need an amazing job and standing but when Venus had been debilitated within the 12th home or debilitated within the D-9 chart and if Venus had been in Virgo or if  had been stricken by Ketu or Mars, the individual  is perhaps a cleansing individual and should work very laborious and would possibly lose that job in a sub-period of Venus.

I’ve a colleague who’s Virgo rising and Mercury is exalted in Virgo however it’s retrograde and it’s debilitated in D-9 and Marana Karaka Stanana within the 7th home in D-9. He’s operating a Mercury interval and it’s stuffed with well being drawback, psychological worries, incapability to focus and a way of low vanity for not having any standing on this planet and incapability to be in relationship.

Thus, exalted planets will usually have some blemish within the chart, in D-9 or D-60 or by nakshshtra or malefic facet and will not ship the promised outcomes.   Vedic astrology is like studying strands of DNA.  You do not need to over-generalize.


Nonetheless it’s higher to have an exalted planet  in a trik home if they’re  benefic however there’ll nonetheless be issues.

Exalted planets in 6th may give glorious service atmosphere in each day life however nonetheless one might undergo from illness signifies by the planets

Exalted within the 8th might give inheritance and sudden wealth from many varieties however it could give continual sickness and if malefic then sudden accidents

Exalted in 12th might take one overseas lands and happiness in isolation by way of non-public spiritual practices, information of house and astrology at similar time it could give eccentric behaviors tough to deal with for others


You do not need exalted planets to be malefics because it makes them extra highly effective to trigger hurt—significantly if they’re additionally practical malefics.  I’ve a good friend with an exalted Mars for Sagittarius rising and it owns the 5th and 12th within the 2nd and Mars give him a very fowl mouth and the malefic facet on the 8th home created severe sickness issues for his non-public elements with the facet to the eighth home.


In our article on Marana Karaka Sthana, we mentioned how sure home deliver down the standing of a planet and make it dysfunction.  Moon within the 8th home is caught within the quicksand and can’t categorical its feelings.  Jupiter within the 3rd could also be too concerned in enterprise or sexual play and veer of ifs path of pursuing knowledge and so forth.

Exalted planets that find yourself MKS (Karana Karaka Sthana) might lose their power to ship.   For instance a lady with exalted Jupiter within the 3rd home might have hassle discovering a husband or having youngsters by the affliction brought on by the threerd home placement. (After all different components should be thought of.)  If the moon, the proprietor of Most cancers is poorly positioned or stricken it might additional hamper the state of affairs because the dispositor of Most cancers is weak.


Exalted/Retrograde planets will deliver outer success however create internal debility. I’ve an exalted/retrograde Saturn which supplies me nice technical talents, deep spirituality and persistence but it surely additionally creates extreme concern in regards to the easiest issues like driving (Saturn owns my 4th) or sexual expertise (it owns the threerd)  for Scorpio rising.

Usually a retrograde exalted  planet will take away the success it has given sooner or later and result in renouncing outer achievements. My colleague who’s Virgo rising with exalted Mercury, retrograde within the first, was very profitable within the enterprise world for a few years however in his Mercury interval he’s combating being a anyone and having any standing.  He has nearly forgotten all the nice issues he has completed. The Yoga from Virgo exalted within the 1st is spoiled.

Particular because of  and Zoran Radosavljevic and Sanjay Rath  for his or her insights on this materials.

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