After I meet college students, they usually  wish to inform me about their charts, and  proclaim, “I’ve an exalted Mars or exalted Venus.”   Typically instances it is extremely constructive however there are such a lot of qualifying elements and  somewhat information is all the time harmful.  There are lots of modifications that occur that may influence the ability of the planets to carry out and these ought to be understood.

The Solar exalts in Aries:  The Solar guidelines fortune, assets, standing and our quest for the Divine and therefore in Aries, owned by Mars, it can have self-discipline, energy and power to carry out and fulfill its highest power. Since Mars is a pure celibate, being one will improve religious energies in quest for Moksha or enlightenment.

The Moon exalts in Taurus  as a result of Venus guidelines house, marriage and our psychological peace so it’s exalted in Taurus as a result of deep love of a partner (Venus) and the comforts she brings will improve married life.

Mars exalts in Capricorn, the pure 10th signal of the zodiac so it reveals initiative and success in actions.  Saturn  must be well-placed for Mars to  endure ache, arduous work, persistence and enhance success in Capricorn so Mars in Capricorn however Saturn in Aries would negate the constructive power. Exalted Mars will create robust generals and commanders and can create a Ruchaka Yoga if within the 1, 4, 7th or 10th homes.  Creates people who find themselves undefeated, beneficiant, hard-working, good mechanically and technically, revered, and who’ve a capability for wealth and taking threat and targeted on outcomes.

Jupiter exalts in Most cancers as a result of morals and knowledge are boring and ineffective with out real emotional content material. Within the 4th signal of the zodiac it reveals the beginning of training and information.  Moon must be properly positioned for full profit. The moon will assist most if positioned within the 4th home or Taurus however the influence can be lessened if the Moon is in Sagittarius the 6th, Aquarius the 8th or Gemini the 12th.  Jupiter right here creates robust training, wealth, helpful household life, robust instinct, nice coaches and academics and counselors, humanitarians and individuals who act for the general public good.

Venus exalts in Pisces as a result of for like to stream, it must be a pure emotion and never hampered by the vital considering of Virgo.  In Pisces, its highest dharma comes out in wanting fact over sensual pleasure.  Venus can right here notice its deepest mystical nature and transfer to changing into as highly effective a Guru as Jupiter.

Saturn exalts in Libra as a result of even the toughest staff work higher in the event that they calm down generally, and since our efforts ought to be directed for the advantage of society at giant. Saturn exalts within the 7th home the place work ought to have some aspect of enjoyable and play to be balanced.  If Venus is poorly locations within the 12th home of Virgo and even within the 8th home of Taurus and even within the 6th home of Pisces, among the advantages can be spoiled.  Saturn within the 1, 4,7 or 10th home exalted creates a Sasa Yoga. Highest qualities of Saturn listed below are excellence as a authorized defender, nice creative expertise and success in agricultural and overseas occasions.

Mercury’s exalts in its personal signal of Virgo.  The logic right here is that Mercury is already completely balanced by nature, so it doesn’t want one other planet to problem or counterbalance it. The sensible earth aspect of Virgo is adequate problem and counterbalanced to the mind’s want to roam and fantasize.  It reveals the beginning of career and repair.  Mercury’s placement could possibly be impacted by a poor despositor’s affect akin to being within the Solar’s nakshatra (Uttaraphalguni 0-10 Virgo) and the Solar, proprietor of the 12th positioned poorly in Libra or in Leo and even Aries, the eighth home.  Mercury when unafflicted in Virgo can create good audio system and writers, scientific approaches, good philosophers and academics and astrologers and polished musicians and drawers.

If Mercury is or the dispositor is , exalted Mercury is not going to ship and create individuals who reside in a fantasy world, who’re vital, demanding, reclusive, and  individuals who prefer to argue, think about a unfavorable consequence, and take a look at an excessive amount of without delay.

Rahu exalts in Gemini with is pal Mercury who is an efficient businessman and  who governs cash, expertise, intelligence.  Some assume Taurus is second greatest  as a result of it’s the most materials signal of the zodiac the place cravings and “extra stuff”  is all the time for earthly pleasure and sensual delight.  For longevity calcuations, Rahu is extra highly effective in Taurus.

Rahu in Gemini creates a thoughts that’s geared towards innovation, philosophy, creativity, mystical adventures and really inventive speech and writing the place it’s unafflicted and Mercury is properly positioned.  Stricken Rahu in Gemini might create psychological problems, misunderstandings, self-isolation, respiratory issues and challenges with neighbors and siblings or having a misleading apply or enterprise with unethical earnings.

Ketu  exalts in Pisces  as a result of it’s a deep place for private transformation for Moksha.     In Sagittarius it’s robust at it’s a place for the beginning is for moksha coming from the trainer or Priest and temple and the pure 9th home.  Ketu is powerful in Leo for Longevity; exalts in Pisces for mundane issues and  debilitates in Virgo for mundane issues. (Some folks assume Ketu exalts in Sagittarius)

Ketu in Pisces unafflicted creates religious and monetary rewards, intelligent with authorized and moral issues, likes out of the strange religious issues and will journey to overseas international locations. Jupiter properly positioned in Most cancers, Sag or Virgo or Scorpio will significantly uplift it.  Ketu in Pisces could have issues with academics and Gurus, might get entangled in corruption, could have amoral monetary dealings, could have hip or lung issues.

Particular because of Komilla Sutton, Sam Geppi and Zoran Radosavljevic for his or her insights on this materials.

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